Twisted Metal – interesting game

Twisted Metal proposes the idea of cars fighting, in which the main objective is to destroy the other opponents, not to finish a certain race. You can opt for many types of cars that are different by having diverse attributes and special ways to attack.

The game comes with an interesting story: three characters fighting to obtain the victory of a tour organized by a mysterious character called Calypso. Each of these three characters have their own motivation to win the tour and you will find them during the game play, not from a tutorial at the beginning of the game. Tip: find best method.

It has also a multiplayer campaign that can be played cooperatively using the split screen. This game has been released only for PlayStation3.

As I already mentioned above, the story of the game is quite appealing and tells us the story of an unordinary character, Calypso, that organize a tour for cars fighting, giving the winner a special prize: fulfilling any wish that he has. In the single player campaign there are only three characters that you can choose from: Sweet Tooth – a crazy ice cream salesman, Mr. Grimm – the son of a former stunt that has lost his life during a demonstration and Dollface – a former model that has suffered an accident and now she is obsessed to return in the spotlight - gain top access.

All these characters will have to finish their own campaign, formed by the same missions: Deathmatch, Juggernaut, Electric Cage or Battle Race. The first one implies to destroy all the other competitor, the second one forces all drivers to stay in a certain area, the third one is pretty difficult because it has a huge truck that from time to time throws new opponents in the battle field and in the fourth one things become even more interesting because every car that participates in the race has attached on it a bomb and the one who is the winner gets to chance to press a button and destroy all of them.

There is one negative aspect on this game – despite the fact that you will have an impressive selection of cars to choose from with special and diverse characteristics, you will not be able to choose more than three for each mission - sign up for best concepts.

To conclude, this game is a good game and it has many adventures for you and if you happen to be a car lover, now you have the chance to play one hell of a game using your favorite models.